• the-great-industry-game

    50+! The Great Industrial Game. Objects that have made the History of Italian Industry

    The icons of Italian Industry stop over at the Piaggio Museum. From 14 July to 22 October 2017 the museum hosts the  “50+! The Great Industrial Game“. Objects that have made the History of Italian Industry” exhibition. Opening on 13 July at 7.00 p.m.   DOWNLOAD THE PRESS RELEASE
  • a3 definitivo

    Francesco Barbieri. La città industriale immaginata – The imagined industrial city.

    Saturday, 10th June at 6.00 pm at Piaggio Museum Inauguration of the exhibition “FRANCESCO BARBIERI. La città industriale immaginata” (“Francesco Barbieri. The imagined industrial city”).   The exhibition is the final moment of the project CANTIERI D’ARTE 2017, now at its fifteenth edition. The 2017 edition offers students an innovative path named La città industriale immaginata (the imagined industrial city), created by Carlo Alberto Arzelà and by the artist...
  • futurismo-museo-piaggio

    Let’s all ride motorbikes! The myth of speed in one-hundred years of art

    The exhibitions Let’s all ride motorbikes! The myth of speed in one-hundred years of art, curated by Daniela Fonti and Filippo Bacci di Capaci and Futurism, speed and photography, curated by Giovanni Lista are promoted by Foundation for Culture Pontedera, Municipality of Pontedera, Piaggio Foundation, with the support of Regione Toscana. Both exhibitions were opened on 8th December 2016 and will close on 14th May 2017. They are entirely dedicated...
  • alluvione-pontedera-home

    «ERA» IL 4 NOVEMBRE 1966 – cinquant’anni dall’alluvione a Pontedera

    november Piaggio Museum have the fotographic exhibition  “ERA” 4th November 1966. Fifty years after the flood in Pontedera The exhibition tells in unpublished photographs the sequence of events that took place on 4th November 1966, the day of the flood: the moments when the water inundated the streets; the mud-covered roads, and the work done by the volunteers and the population of Pontedera to clean up. The Piaggio factory, the hospital,...

    A new life begins. Stories of weddings in the shadows of the Vespa (1946-1959)

    Pontedera, 12 October 2016 – On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the vote for women in Italy, which takes place in conjunction with the 70th birthday of the Vespa (2016), the Piaggio Foundation pays particular attention to the condition of woman in history and society. The exhibit A new life begins. Stories of weddings in the shadows of the Vespa (1946-1959) is organized by the Piaggio Foundation...
  • materia-di-enrico-bacci

    MATTER. The origin of creation

    On Friday 9th September at 6.30 p.m. the Piaggio Museum will open the exhibition MATTER. The origin of creation by artist Enrico Bacci. One of the issues chosen by the Piaggio Foundation this year to celebrate the Vespa’s 70th anniversary is that of Woman and of her emancipation, also through the use of the Vespa. From 9th September to 9th October 2016 Enrico Bacci’s exhibition places itself in this...
  • Locandina Def

    Women’s way to art. Presences, absences, visions

    Women’s way to art. Presences, absences, visions is the exhibit with works by Laura Aprile, Federico Cavicchioli and Patricia Glauser. It is organized and curated by the Piaggio Foundation together with Alessandro Paladini.   INFO Opening days and hours Monday – Friday 10 a.m -6.00 p.m Saturday 10 a.m – 1 p.m and 2 p.m – 6 p.m Every Sunday 10 a.m – 6.00 p.m   Museo Piaggio Viale R. Piaggio,...
  • una-storia-intorno-alle-storie-WEB e SOCIAL

    A story around the stories – Daria Palotti and the students of High School XXV Aprile

    The exhibition  “A story around the stories” is part of the project called Cantiere d’Arte 2016. The artist Daria Palotti has collaborated with the students of the high school Liceo Classico Scientifico XXV Aprile, coordinated by Prof. Anna Ferretti with Roberta Giglioli and Marco Bruni. Opening: Friday 10 June  5.30 p.m. Info: From 10th June  to 23rd  July 2016 OPENING HOURS Tuesday – Friday: 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. Saturday:...
  • declinazione-donna

    The Declension of Woman – Photo exhibit by Giovanna Biondi

    Inauguration: Saturday 16 January 6.00 p.m. Info exhibition: From 16th January to 14th February 2016   Museo Piaggio Viale Rinaldo Piaggio 7 56025 Pontedera (PI) 0587 271727   OPENING HOURS Tuesday – Friday: 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. Saturday: 10.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. | 2.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m. Sunday 24th January and 14th Febraury  10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. (the second and the fourth Sunday of the month)...

    Exhibition of Gruppo Labronico – inViaggio. Plurale 34

    65th EXHIBITION OF GRUPPO LABRONICO Grand opening on Friday 4th December at 6.30 p.m. From 4 December 2015 to 10 January 2016 the Piaggio Museum at Pontedera hosts the 65th exhibition of the Gruppo Labronico (the ancient association of artists and art enthusiasts founded in 1920 in Leghorn). This exhibition shows the works of artists who give a historical continuity to this famous Group from Leghorn with their autonomous...