The Piaggio Foundation organises several activities, such as music concerts, plays and book presentations at the Auditorium of the Piaggio Museum. The aim is to promote culture in its different forms and to offer the public a place to express themselves. In fact, the Piaggio Foundation constantly fosters new collaborations and partnerships with the territory and the local and international excellences.

    On Friday 30 September, at 9.00 p.m. Piaggio Museum Auditorium. On the occasion of the 29th Meeting of the Vespa historical Register, the Piaggio Foundation organizes the event named Two wheels in the wind. Giorgio Bettinelli. A story, an interview, and some songs, which is patronized by the Bettinelli Foundation. The show is a brief story –spaced at intervals by music – of Giorgio Bettinelli, a Vespa-rider by chance...