The auditorium of the Piaggio Museum

The Piaggio Museum has an Auditorium where most of the cultural, scientific and education events organised by the Piaggio Foundation, directly or with its partners, are held. These events include conferences, shows, concerts, screenings, talks with scientists and artists, and various presentations. Thanks to these activities, the Museum has become an important cultural and scientific hub over the years for increasingly wider-ranging topics, and a creative lab for thousands and thousands of young people. The Auditorium, with a seating capacity of 180, is a superb example of the architectural redevelopment of an industrial area, and retains many features of the original work areas: the structure of the workshops, the bridge cranes, the signs.

Arrange events in the Museum

The Museum lets you rent some space (Auditorium and Halls) and, on demand, is at your disposal for carrying out services from event planning consulting to à-la-carte services, such as:

  • Catering;
  • Audio-video services;
  • Photographers and Videomakers;
  • Musicians;

For more information and for quotes, write an email to

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