The Piaggio Foundation

An excellent example of collaboration between public and private Partners

The Piaggio Foundation is a no-profit public benefit body formed in 1994 to conduct activities that foster a virtuous association between enterprise and culture, by developing important synergies with the community and areas of excellence in the arts and culture, science, technology, production and tourism.

To do this, the Foundation organises temporary exhibitions, conferences, meetings, debates and performances; it promotes publications on issues related to its institutional objectives (the economy, employment, industrial archaeology, education, design, Made in Italy) and publishes the Quaderni della Fondazione Piaggio and the Collana Tommaso Fanfani. The Foundation also manages and plans the activities of the Museum and the Historical Archive.

Partners of the Foundation are Piaggio & C. S.p.A. and the municipality of Pontedera

Events photo gallery

Some pictures of the main events that have been enlivening the Piaggio Museum during the last 20 years.

Events Posters

Some posters of the main events: shows, conferences, concerts, presentations and educational activities.

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