Vespa on display

Tricks for shops and fairs

Published on 31 March 2021

Always an innovator in communication, since the early 1950s Vespa has been the star of many original and eye-catching exhibits employing ingenious tricks designed by Corradino d’Ascanio.

The first was the giant Vespa created for the Milan trade fair in 1951 (the idea was replicated in 1978 with a Vespa PX standing four metres high, which is now on display in our Museum). This was followed by a Vespa perched on the branch of a peach tree (1952). In subsequent years, displays and trade fair exhibits all over the world saw Vespa scooters balancing on a wire or running on a treadmill, hopping over a jet of water or raised effortlessly by elegantly attired mannequins. Simple yet original mechanisms that Piaggio made available to its extensive dealer network («People who make an intelligent choice will always have a well-designed display»), with a view to provoking astonishment and wonder among an increasingly exacting public.

Today as always … Vespa works miracles!


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