Nothing is impossible on a Vespa!

The Piaggio Acrobatic Team

Published on 28 June 2021

Piaggio Acrobatic Team was born in 1952 from an idea by Vittorio Casini, in order to demonstrate Vespa reliability and handling. Made up of the best Piaggio riders and test riders, in the early days the Team devoted itself mainly to exhibitions for agents and dealers who were periodically gathered in Pontedera. Later, where Vespa Club of Italy or Vespa Club of Europe organiza highlevel eventis (sach as Giro dei Tre Mari or Eurovespa meeting), the presence of the Team is constant.

The performances of the Team are above all a show. To achive this goal, a lot of figures and positions are specially studied on Vespas: some are simpler, others are much more complicated because they are performed by a large number of acrobats. To obtain a perfect balance on board and an equally perfect synchronization, many workouts are performed: the result is a harmonious set of gestures and timing, which both attracts and fascinates the public.  

For more information: Giuseppe Cau-Ilo Lorenzetti, The acrobatic team Piaggio, CLD Libri 2019 (on sale at the Museum Shop).


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