Paradise for two

Love on a Vespa

Published on 21 July 2021

The big city. Crowds, crowds everywhere. These two youngsters are in love, but it's so hard for them to be alone! Here they are at the tram stop. With its pushing and shoving. They are pushed apart on the crowded tram. And similarly in the office. And the public gardens. And the dance club. Crowd, crowd, crowd...when can they be finally alone, together and happy? On their Vespa! Vespa: a paradise for two!"

With these words, a sleek film commercial from the early 1960s - which rendered the slogan of a successful advertising campaign into celluloid - celebrated the Vespa as the ideal companion for young lovers on their much-needed trips out of the city. At the dawn of a society on the verge of profound social transformation, they were enjoying the freedom of a few snatched moments of intimate happiness away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, far from the noise and eyes of others.
From the couples of the first out-of-town trips - he at the wheel, she riding demurely in pillion - to the uninhibited youth of the following decades, Vespa has put love on two wheels. It has given every couple the freedom to travel along the roads of an increasingly open and connected world.
And today too, the only thing missing from their happiness is a Vespa!



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