With Vespa you can

Two wheels for youngsters

Published on 30 July 2021

"To look ahead, into the distance, to be new young people who understand, who look at the world together, confident in their friendships; a group of friends planning their lives, wanting a better tomorrow. That's how we want to be. Vespa is a friend who boosts our confidence because it helps us develop new ideas and discoveries every day. Yes, with Vespa you can, because Vespa means active living, modern living. Vespa, young models for young people's lives!".

In 1968, the year of young people par excellence, Piaggio launched an advertising campaign that embodied and amplified their expectations and desire for change. Since the Vespa 50 appeared on the market in 1963 - small body, bright colours, “no number plate, no licence” - the Vespa had become an object of desire for a generation bursting onto the social scene of an era in rapid transformation.
The friendship between Vespa and young people has spanned the decades and seen tribes of young men and women come and go, curious about the world and anxious to break the mould, constantly searching for ready-to-use vehicles that offer infinite possibilities for customisation and personal expression. Countercultural groups that want to distance themselves from previous generations by creating communities recognisable by their distinctive features that incorporate new tastes and trends.


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