Vespa Super Sprint: what a passion!

Piaggio museum' s model

Published on 20 October 2021

It is one of the most loved models by Vespa enthusiasts for its particularities that make it unique.

The engine is derived from the 50 and 90 series, but with much brighter characteristics with a power of 65hp / liter and the adoption of a 4-speed gearbox. Despite having these performances, it remains a sweet engine and typical of Vespa engines. The expansion muffler is specially designed for this model and is visible on the rear left side. Made of chromed steel, it has a distinctive, typically sporty metallic sound and with its appearance it gives more grit to this model.

The two-seater saddle, dark blue in color, opens at the front in the opposite direction to the usual one, making it the only Vespa with this characteristic. As for the spare wheel, equipped with two wheel covers in the same color as the Vespa, it is mounted for the first and only time centrally on a top case that has the shape of a small tank, with a chest cushion in the same color as the saddle to allow a sporty driving position for the driver.

Two of the three Super Sprints on display at the Piaggio Museum are kindly lent by private collectors, in particular the red 1966 50 SS is on loan from Irish Pat Lawlor, while the 1965 Vespa 90 SS on loan from Carlo Greco, former President of the Rotary Club of Arezzo.

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