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Published on 07 May 2024

From 1954 onwards, in Belgium, Vespa is assembled under licence by Motor Industry S.A. (MISA) in Jette, near Brussels, which is also tasked with distributing it in Holland and Luxembourg. In the rest of Europe, where Vespa is not produced or assembled locally, it is imported from Italy and sold through local distribution companies: Intercommercial S.A. in Switzerland, Orione Co. in Austria, Como M. & T. Bjerke AB in Sweden, F. Bülow & C. in Denmark, and Sociedad Comercial Guerin SARL in Portugal). Every European country has its Vespa admirers, where passionate national Vespa clubs flourish. On 8 February 1953, the Vespa Club Europe is established in Milan, on the unanimous initiative of delegates representing the Vespa Clubs of Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland, in order to co-ordinate and develop relations, events and links among Vespa fans in individual countries. Two months later, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, Portugal, Saar, Spain and Sweden also join the association. From 1954 (Paris) onwards, the international Eurovespa meeting – the precursor of the Vespa World Days – brings together Vespa enthusiasts from all over Europe every year.

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