From 24 April to 08 October 2022

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In the ‘#vespasoundscool - La Vespa e la musica’ (Vespa and Music) exhibition, the Piaggio Museum celebrates an enduring and successful partnership of Vespa and music. It’s demonstrated by Vespa’s appearance in many music videos as well as the constant reference to music in Piaggio’s advertising. It weaves together an illustration of how the world’s best-selling scooter and the music industry have always crossed paths, starting from the years of the economic boom – with Vespa and the explosion of the youth music market its most recognised and recognisable symbols – and arriving at the present day, capturing – and frequently anticipating – the zeitgeist

Vespa and music share the same innovative spirit and values of freedom of expression and movement, the ability to bring people together and desire to have a good time.

Extensive research and the invaluable collaboration of outstanding media partner MTV means that the exhibition offers a wealth of video clips where Vespa takes a star turn alongside artists like Lùnapop, Jovanotti, Elisa, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Gwen Stefani and Black Eyed Peas. 

A generous private collector, on the other hand, has allowed the display of rare vinyls which feature Vespa on the cover. It’s an extended musical journey from the fifties to the tunes of today, made available to visitors through interactive listening points and enhanced by a period jukebox and striking images from among the treasures of the Piaggio Historical Archive

The hall displays five vehicles chosen as the best representatives of Vespa’s timeless relationship with music.

The exhibition is embellished by highly valuable music-themed items from a private collection dedicated to Andy Warhol. The hall has a pop-themed installation with references to Warhol’s art.

The installation offers visitors an immersive experience in the sounds and images of Vespa’s historical connection with music, with lots of interaction and many different stations to promote discovery through fun.

The exhibition (re)produces the “soundtrack” of an extended period of world history through the display and playback of tracks that have marked the past 50 years, before coming to more contemporary experimentation and collaborations.
Only Vespa and music can offer this intergenerational experience.


It is also possible to visit the exhibition virtually. It’s enhanced with additional multimedia content. It’s a brand-new way to experience the exhibition offered by the Piaggio Museum, even when you’re far away. 




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