Giacomo BRETZEL | The image of a mith

A tribute to the passage of the Mille Miglia in Pontedera

From 14 June to 08 October 2022

The shots by Giacomo Bretzel hosted at the Piaggio Museum are a tribute to the passage of the Mille Miglia in Pontedera (June 17, 2022) and are made strictly in film, with devices that are the same age as the racing cars.
The author, of Tuscan origin and Parisian by adoption, communicates the sensation of speed with the use of the most diverse styles, obtaining a photographic texture that adds to the images all the power and allure of an era. Through color, and with lots of black and white, the photographs show to the public the most vibrant emotions experienced on board historic racing cars whizzing through the most beautiful Italian landscape ever.

In this precious journey through images you will find intense moments of high speed represented, but also "the great beauty" of the squares and streets of Italy. This small, "intimate" personal exhibition, illustrates how Giacomo was able to bring a new vision to the mythology of motoring through an original and unique stylistic range.

The full control this photographer has over his art also demonstrates how photography can not only document but also create a legend. Bretzel's journey has lasted for more than twenty years and has made him the long-term testimonial of the Mille Miglia, alongside the well-known goldsmith brand CHOPARD.

This exhibition testifies to the path underway in the career of the master, with the obligatory passage from photographer to artist.

On display, signed Fine Art prints, which certify their value and make them iconic, just like the wonderful cars they immortalize.

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