From the Sea, on the Sea

Photo exhibition Piaggio Group and Italian Navy

From 14 March to 27 August 2023

The exhibition From the Sea, on the Sea, hosted in the spaces of the Piaggio
Museum, is a tribute that the Piaggio Group intends to pay to the Italian Navy to
honour the daily commitment of its men and women, as well as to bear witness to those shared values that are a symbol of the Italian excellence.

The Exhibition displays 22 large-format rear-lit photos creating strong emotional impact. The author of the photographs is one of the most important Italian photojournalists, Massimo Sestini (World Press Photo 2015), who has been able to tell forty years of history of our country like nobody else, documenting politics and lifestyle, from the Moby Prince disaster to the mafia terror attacks in 1992, from the Great Jubilee 2000 to the Genoa G8. As a collaborator of the Italian Navy since 2009, Sestini has followed its activities on multiple occasions, including the Costa Concordia and Mare Nostrum operations. The photographs on display are a perfect example of Sestini’s ability to put himself in his subjects’ shoes, creating pictures that carry the viewer to the heart of daily (and exciting) life of the men and women of the Italian Navy, operating in its various operational components and literally “embarking” with them onboard state-of-the-art naval units.

The Exhibition layout made for the Piaggio Museum – also realised with the contribution of the Municipality of Livorno – highlights and enhances the immersive and engaging nature of Sestini’s photographs, thanks to the use of large-format photography: visitors can even walk on the giant aerial photo of submarine Prini, captured in the moment it resurfaces.
The Exhibition path includes an immersive projection room, featuring a series of videos, like the spectacular one dedicated to the iconic Training ShipAmerigo Vespucci. The show also offers the opportunity to admire the Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello Aviazione Navale, a limited edition available in only 1913 examples – a homage to the founding year of the Italian Naval Aviation – unveiled last summer in its world premiere on Cavour aircraft carrier’s stunning flight deck, to celebrate the close ties that have united Moto Guzzi and the Italian Navy for over one hundred years.

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