Aprilia seen from the Rising Sun

Photo exhibition

From 25 January to 06 April 2024

Aprilia seen from the Rising Sun is an unusual look at the Aprilia MotoGP Team. The observation takes place through the lens of a Japanese artist, Aki Kusudo, who followed the work of the team during the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix weekend.

Aki Kusudo offers the viewer a dimension of racing that is usually little explained. She highlights the moments of work and tension, therefore the responsibility of a mission: to represent a brand and a company in the world.

Every photo is filtered by the desire to put the human being and his talents at the centre. Kusudo has emphasised the eyes, the faces, the hands: feelings, emotions, sensations, fears that emerge through looks, gestures, expressions.
The exhibition path provides a portrait of a company, Aprilia Racing, holder of 54 world titles, which today is again on the rise after undergoing a reorganisation by joining the Piaggio Group.
Aki Kusudo's artwork also becomes an ideal handshake between old rivals: Italy and Japan are the two countries that, over the last half-century, have been most committed to the dissemination of motorcycling culture. The passion for technology, the taste for design, the pleasure of strong emotions, are elements that unite Italy and Japan.
Finally, Aki Kusudo seems to want to direct us towards a perspective typical of the people of the Rising Sun: the continuous search for harmony between human activities and nature. In his photography that becomes writing, Kusudo makes us discover new scenic architectures: the elements that turn the circuit into an open-air theatre.

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Photo credits: Giuseppe Magnanimo

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