From 15 May to 10 November 2019

OPENING 15th May 7,30 P.M

A combined age of more than 160 years between the two of them: surprising but true. 90 years for La Cucina Italiana and just over 70 for the Vespa. This is a celebration of an historic twinning between the two-wheeler that revolutionised the way we travel and the magazine whose patient and tireless promotion of a true food culture has accompanied Italians from the 1930s to the present day, through the war, the postwar reconstruction, 1968 and all the major periods in the life of the Bel Paese, through to a present day that pays tribute to a happy tradition where good humour is the main dish on the menu.

The approach is easy: light-hearted and nimble, buzzing like the prototype that Enrico Piaggio said looked «just like a wasp»; fragrant, interactive, unpredictable and always shared, like the recipes that for almost a century La Cucina Italiana has been carefully testing in its kitchens before passing them on to its readers.

The exhibition route, subdivided into 6 sections, is entertaining, visual, intriguing, «round» like a plate and a wheel, but also like a porthole offering a view of a person, an age, a fashion, a curiosity: from «Women and girls» to «The great outdoors», from «Italy out of town» to «A window on the world», from «A question of style» to «Today».

The testimonial for each theme is a recipe with a story to tell, typical of the period or the topic: an illustration tale to be savoured.

Because History means all of us, our parents and grandparents, who hopped on to the Vespa for a trip with a copy of La Cucina Italiana in the luggage rack, sandwiches in a basket, a happy smile and a great desire to «see» the Italy of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Everybody on the road! We’re off.


Museo Piaggio Viale Rinaldo Piaggio 7 56025 - Pontedera



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