125 prototipo militare (VMA1T)

125 prototipo militare (VMA1T)



Like other motorcycle producers, Piaggio spent part of its research to the military use of vehicles. The first projects presented to the Ministry of Defence in Italy date back to the beginning of the fifties, of which there is written evidence such as drawings (like the image that compares the Vespa 125 with a motorcycle). The 1964 model derives from the Vespa 125 (VMA1) with a few changes on the frame to reduce encumbrance. In fact, the handlebar and the front wheel can be quickly removed and placed on the left-side sack. After negotiations with the Italian Ministry of Defence, the Vespa military has remained as a prototype.

Tech Specs

Engine 2-stroke single cylinder engine

Bore 55 mm

Stroke 51 mm

Displacement 121, 17 cc

Max Speed 80 Km/h

Suspensions coil spring and hydraulic shock absorber on both wheels

Breaks drums

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