C 2V

C 2V



The first step in the evolution of the Guzi engine is represented by the C 2V model with parallel overhead valves actuated by push-rods and rocker arms, which was built in 1923 following the Mandello marque’s decision to take more interest in racing. It was a very simple design which resulted in considerably improved performance. The frame was also modified by lengthening the wheelbase to 1410 mm while the sheet metal element under the saddle was replaced by a tube. It was also the first Moto Guzzi to be painted red.

Tech Specs

Engine single cylinder four-stroke

Bore 88 mm

Stroke 82 mm

Displacement 498,4 cc

Max Speed 120 Km/h

Suspensions front grider fork with friction dampers; rear, rigid

Breaks single rear expansion brake: manual and pedal control

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