Museum and surroundings

The Museum and its surroundings

Thanks to the project “Museum & Surroundings”, sponsored by the Piaggio Museum, in the section dedicated to TOURISM, can find partners that have joined the initiative by developing an active partnership, making the network and allowing to enhance the attractiveness of tourism in the “near“ Museum and more.

If you want to organize your tourist route, including the Piaggio Museum, get inspired by the suggested locations.

You find a tourist offer lively and interesting that it involves a variety of tourist facilities.

Have a good journey and enjoy!

The Piaggio Museum is partner of:


We are a small, family-run farm, located in the heart of Tuscan Hills between Pisa and Florence.

Our output, being very limited, allows us to take care of every stage of production in a traditional way until you get a HEALTHY oil that is beneficial for health.

Our olive trees are grown biologically, without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and anticryptogamics . We do this by adopting biological and agronomic strategies that enrich the land where our olive trees thrive.  Fertilizers must feed the microbiological flora of the soil rather than the plants directly.

Villa Riccardi Toscanelli

In the heart of Tuscany, between Pontedera and Ponsacco, lies a unique area which is only a stone’s throw from Pisa, the mountains and the sea.It is an area full of extraordinary places with its ancient towns and villages, nature reserves, ancient traditions and cultures, artistic masterpieces and excellent food and wine.It is here that the Villa Riccardi Toscanelli stands with its grounds,wine cellars and estate.

Azienda Agricola Biologica Floriddia

L'Azienda Agricola Biologica Floriddia is composed by Rosario and his brother Giovanni that are the owners of two farms with a combined area of about 400 hectares (40 times the Italian average, consisting of 10-hectare micro-farms), which they have farmed organically since 1987. Seven years ago, with the help of a rural development plan partly funded by the Region of Tuscany, they invested in a state-of-the-art mill, with optical sensors to distinguish healthy grains from those damaged by mould or parasites, together with an oven and a pasta factory. They reintroduced various varieties of traditional wheat in their fields, thanks to a collection of seeds put together by University of Florence agronomist, Stefano Benedettelli.The Floriddia farm became an open laboratory, with over 200 small lots used for experimentation and the improvement of certain varieties of durum wheat, as well as soft wheat (which is used for bread) and other cereals, such as spelt, oats and barley. It is a process revolution, as well as an enlightened entrepreneurial vision. The products are sold directly at the farm shop and online, only in Italy and through buying groups and local markets. Actually Floriddia working team

Pasta Martelli

Pasta Martelli factory is one of the smallest in Italy, and can proudly vaunt of the name "Traditional" for the processing method, the same since 1926. We choose the best durum wheat, that is slowly kneaded with cold water; we use circular bronze dies and let dry at low temperatures (33 -36 ° C) for about 50 hours. The result is a pasta in which it clearly perceives the wheat flavor and which, due to its porosity, allows to bind to any condiment. Five are the shapes that we produce, the more traditional and linked to ancient Tuscan and Italian traditions: Spaghetti, Fusilli di Pisa, Penne Classiche, Spaghettini and Maccheroni di Toscana.
Only members of the Martelli family work in the pasta factory: this guarantees professionalism and  the passion to carry on the tradition of Italian craftsmanship.
Always welcome is your visit at the pasta factory, so you can directly see the production process of Martelli® Pasta.

Savini Tartufi

The Savini family business has always been linked with truffles in Tuscany, a passion which began in the early 1920s and has been handed down over four generations.

Today, like then, we still gather fresh truffles each season and personally follow each step of the production cycle, from the gathering to the selection process, from the cleaning to the creation of products and from the packaging to the sale and delivery.

Since the opening of our new outlet, the only way to experience our truffles in our friendly company was through truffle tasting, now it is possible to visit the entire production area and much more.Learn all about the truffle, from hunting to the kitchen. Our mission will be to teach you to recognise, select and cook truffles!

We propose you three different Paths to the discovery of Truffle. Three differents Truffle Experience: "Assaggio di Tartufo"; "Alla Scoperta del Tartufo"; "A Tutto Tartufo".

Azienda Agricola Castelvecchio

The Castelvecchio Agricultural Estate is located in Terricciola, a hillside village in Tuscan province of Pisa that originated as a small Etruscan village at the merging point of the Era and Cascina valleys with the Sterza waterway. The 59 acre (24 hectare) estate property is divided into land for sowing, olive and fruit groves. The initial core of property, the farmhouse and its surrounding land, has been inhabited and cultivated by the family since 1956. "Ours is a family-run business, and we handle it with the loving care and know-how that typifies our roots: the Tuscan artisan’s tradition. Our wines respect our family’s character and that which distinguishes our rich territory". The staff work in their vineyard and wine cellar giving careful attention to achieve the highest quality results possible using modern organic methods. By visiting the winery, guests can become acquainted with the quality of labor that lies behind each “simple” glass of wine when it is made with honest passion, allowing it to be a precious and pleasurable way to share our rich Tuscan culture and tradition.

Fattoria Fibbiano - Wines

Our identity lies in our land. This is why we respect the local wine growing traditions, using only local grape varieties that we tend meticulously to obtain wines of the highest quality.We maintain a number of manual processes alive, and treat our soils only with organic, non-chemical substances.The lucky composition of the medium-textured soil, enriched with marine sediments and blessed by excellent exposure, gives the grapes their truly unique aromatic complexity and body.The result is a well-balanced, flavourful wine that fully reflects the nobility of the land it is grown from.

Usiglian del Vescovo - Società Agricola

Usiglian del Vescovo is a beautiful farm that produces wines that tell a unique territory: a real seabed to 5 million years ago, rich in sand and shells, but situated 250 meters above sea level. The vineyards of Usiglian Bishop extends along the crest of the hills of San Miniato and Palaia, surrounded by woods where come the precious white truffles, are treated with all the love and passion as possible, so the grapes are able to donate wines of great elegance and perfect balance. Tasting the wines, thanks to the loving welcome is given to all visitors of the estate, you can discover real gems wines  as "Il Ginestraio", a beautiful blend of Chardonnay and Viognier, "Il Sangiosé" surprising variation in rosé of Sangiovese "Il Grullaio" fruity nectar, the most classic Chianti Superiore, "Il Barbiglione" elegant and clear expression of Syrah and finally the exclusive "Il Milleeottantatre", Petit Verdot product in just 1083 bottles packed in  nice wooden boxes.Many call Usiglian of the bishop as the "new" Tuscan Winery, with a thousand years of history!

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