Museum and surroundings

The Museum and its surroundings

Thanks to the project “Museum & Surroundings”, sponsored by the Piaggio Museum, in the section dedicated to TOURISM, can find partners that have joined the initiative by developing an active partnership, making the network and allowing to enhance the attractiveness of tourism in the “near“ Museum and more.

If you want to organize your tourist route, including the Piaggio Museum, get inspired by the suggested locations.

You find a tourist offer lively and interesting that it involves a variety of tourist facilities.

Have a good journey and enjoy!

The Piaggio Museum is partner of:

IHC - Grotta Giusti Golf Resort & Spa

Grotta Giusti is located in Monsummano Terme, between Florence and Lucca, the nineteenth-century villa of the poet Giuseppe Giusti, guards the '"eighth wonder of the world", the millenary natural thermal cave, as the master Verdi aptly named it. The aesthetic spa treatments and the exclusive medical-scientific “Longevity” programme enhance the value of the stay, with a unique focus on regeneration and relaxation.

IHC - Fonteverde

Fonteverde is a residence of the Medici family at San Casciano dei Bagni, nestled among the hills of the Val d'Orcia, where pure hot springs have been pouring out since immemorial time. Member of the prestigious hotel group “The Leading Hotels of the World”, the Resort offers precious furnishings and endless views. The 5.000 square metres thermal spa combines naturalness with research, dexterity with discipline, and the techniques of the western medicine blend with those of oriental traditional.

IHC - Bagni di Pisa

Bagni di Pisa is an architectural jewel in a natural and artistic treasure chest with the aroma of history and ancient traditions. The historic Lorena Villa contains 61 rooms and suites, with original 18th century facades of pastel-tones frescoes, parquet lofts, marble and Tuscan terracotta floors, charming bathrooms with double sinks, and separate showers and baths. The windows look out over the breath-taking Tuscan landscape and offer a glimpse of the Tower of Pisa, the symbol of the city and perhaps Italy’s most recognised landmark. The vestiges of the past are intertwined with the comforts of the modern era: essential luxury and composed elegance also characterise the communal areas, with warm and refined décor, in keeping with the heritage of the property and its grandiose past.

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