• Acquario di Livorno

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    Acquario di Livorno:  a travel to discover the beauties of the sea with 3.000  sqm  of exhibition space, 32 tanks with more than2.000 animals of 300 different species.

    The structure  – that will open to public every day starting from Saturday, March 26  during the Easter holidays -will enlarge the offer to public with a novelty that will be available from Spring 2016: on the first floor, new exhibition dedicated to the world of insects, amphibians and reptiles consisting  of 14 terraria through which visitors can admire various  specimens of these three groups , including the fascinating and mimetic chameleon.

    On Ground floor, inside the Indo – Pacific tank, the two splendid green turtles “Ari” and “Cuba” swim together with two Napoleon fishes, the blacktip sharks and two newly arrived  Zebra sharks

    Acquario di Livorno – situated on the waterfront of Livorno inside the  Mascagni Terrace, has a splendid location with a strong emotional and scenic impact

    From the exhibition area on the first floor, visitors can access to the panoramic terrace of Acquario di Livorno from where they can admire the beauties of the coast of Livorno and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

    Acquario di Livorno  occupies a splendid site of great historical, artistic and architectural value for the city. Acquario di Livorno – managed by Costa Edutainment S.p.A. – celebrated its 6th year of activity since its opening  to the public on the 31st July 2010, after a long restoration work by Opera Laboratori Fiorentini.

    Piazzale Mascagni, 1 – 57127 Livorno LI
    0586 269.111

    0586 269.154


  • Cerratelli Foundation

    The Cerratelli Foundation (San Giuliano Terme, Pisa) has an archive of approximately 30,000 costumes made by the eponymous Florentine costumier (1914-1995) for opera, dance, drama and cinema. These Italian articles, made in Tuscany, are a record of a singular relationship between costume and the performing arts during the Twentieth Century.
    The Cerratelli costumier, a business enterprise set up in Florence during the First World War by baritone Arturo Cerratelli, drove the development of theatrical art throughout the Twentieth Century. The founder’s entourage included the composers Giacomo Puccini and Pietro Mascagni, who paved the way for Cerratelli’s great partnership with opera. Cerratelli’s clients included some of the greatest names in the history of stage costumes: from the pioneering director Jacques Copeau to Italian maestri such as Giorgio Strehler, Eduardo De Filippo, Luchino Visconti. Franco Zeffirelli, whose creativity enhanced the artistic potential of the Casa d’Arte Cerratelli, is now the Honorary
    Chairman of the Cerratelli Foundation. Training is one of the priorities of the Cerratelli Foundation, which also organises advanced courses on the specific technical and cultural skills involved in costume design.

    Via Statale dell’Abetone, 226 – Pugnano – San Giuliano Terme (PI)
    050 817.900


  • Fondazione Teatro della Toscana – Centro per la Sperimentazione e Ricerca Teatrale

    The Centre for Theatre Research and Experimentation, originated in 1974 and has become a reference point at international level over the years. It is located at the Teatro Era of Pontedera and is a place of for artistic production and programming .

    In 2015 the CSRT , combining its activities with those of the Teatro della Pergola , has become “The Theatre Foundation of Tuscany ” and has gained recognition of National Theatre status.

    The programming at Teatro Era shows the synergy between the two local sides and is a perfect balance between research, experimentation and tradition which is rexamined with an innovative eye.

    Parco Jerzy Grotowski – Via Indipendenza 56025 – Pontedera (PI)
    0587 55720 0587 57034

  • Lu.C.C.A

    Situated inside Palazzo Boccella, in the centre of the city, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary art Lu.C.C.A. is an innovative museum project, a multipurpose structure with an international appeal that is at the same time a container of works of art, an educational space, but also an ideal place to stop and read a book, hold a business meeting or take a break from one’s activities, enjoy a lunch or dinner immersed in the ambience of the works of art on show. Every level corresponds to a particular offer and a different answer to the needs of the most diverse visitors. A museum designed for people and with people, where emotional involvement, entertainment and socialization are as just as important as the artistic project itself, based on emotional and experiencial marketing projects designed for every audience target in order to have international visibility and to find a continuative bond with the territory.

    Via della Fratta, 36 – 55100 LUCCA (LU)

    0583 492.180