Outboard engine Moscone

Outboard engine Moscone



The Moscone (“bluebottle”) was created in 1949 and advertised in product brochures as a seafaring Vespa. Piaggio’s aim was to market a speedboat with an outboard motor that would be as successful as the Vespa in the pleasure craft sector. The Moscone was practical, light and manouevrable. It could be equipped on request with an extension cable to hook on to the hulls of larger craft with bigger engines and faster acceleration. Its lightness, the ease with which it could be attached to a bigger boat and its manouevrability; its simplicity of use and maintenance and its complete fairing to protect sailors made the Moscone the ideal outboard craft. With steady running at any engine rpm and a good power output and idling speed, the Moscone was adapted to any kind of use.

Tech Specs

Engine two cylinder with crankshaft timing

Bore 40 mm

Stroke 39,6 mm

Displacement 99,5 cc

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