Ape 150 AC calessino

Ape 150 AC calessino



The production of the Ape AC began in 1956 introduced the possibility of adding a windscreen or a cabin body complete with doors to protect the driver to the basic concept. The calèche version of the Ape AC homologated "for combined passenger or goods transport" could carry three people or 250 kg of cargo, plus a second passenger on the front seat up to a maximum permitted weight fully laden of 650 kg. This model too could be equipped with the reverse gear device with the lever control positioned as an optional on the right bottom side of the driver.

Tech Specs

Engine two-stroke engine

Bore 57 mm

Stroke 57 mm

Displacement 145,45 cc

Max Speed 60 km/h

Suspensions torsion bar on the rear wheel, helicoidal spring and hydraulic shock absorber on the front wheel

Breaks expansion with mechanical drive and hand lever on the handlebar for the front wheel, with hydraulic foot-operated drive for the rear wheels. Expansion handbrake on the differential.

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