Ciao 9T

Ciao 9T



Towards the end of the sixties, Piaggio launched a completely new product on the market: the Ciao. For some time Pontedera’s designers had been studying such a moped. A vehicle called the “Vespino”, or “Little Vespa”, had been patented in 1955 and built by MotoVespa of Madrid, Spain. The Ciao’s launching brought immediate success, and became the symbol of the upturn in production after 1966’s devastating flood. This new lightweight vehicle became the head of a long line of other mopeds that entered into production afterwards.

Tech Specs

Engine two-stroke single cylinder engine

Bore 38,4 mm

Stroke 43 mm

Displacement 49,77 cc

Max Speed inferiore a 40 Km/h

Suspensions helicoidal spring on the front wheel

Breaks drum

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