P 148

P 148



Between 1950 and 1951 Piaggio develops a three-seat basic drill aeroplane, as well as a single-engine two-seat acrobatic one with an entirely metal strcture, abreast seats, low wings and a fixed rear three-wheel undercarriage. The first 70 aeroplanes were produced for the Italian Airforce, which used them in 1952 at the Scuola 3° Periodo in Lecce. Later on, in 1962, eight Piaggio P 148 aeroplanes were transferred to Somalia. In 1953 a five-seat version with a more powerful engine and a retractable undercarriage –the P 149- was developed by Piaggio and used by the German Airforce for training and connections, as well as for tourism and civil use. It was sold in Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Tech Specs

Engine Avco Lycoming O 435 A, 190 hp

Max Speed 234 km/h

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