APE PENTARò - firemen's version

APE PENTARò - firemen's version



From the moment it appeared on the market in 1947, the Ape showed itself to be an innovative product capable of being continually transformed for all sorts of uses. The Ape was based on Enrico Piaggio's idea of an easy to drive, low cost, low maintenance and versatile three or four wheeler for goods transport. Over the years the vehicle appeared in several different models whose sole common feature was their adaptability to any market and any utilisation. The engine displacement was enlarged, and with the 1960 Pentarò model the Ape acquired five wheels to increase its loading capacity and, above all, to have more than one trailer and just one engine. The firemen's version of the Ape Pentarò exhibited in the Piaggio Museum is a perfect example of the different uses the vehicle could be put to. This model was used until early 2002 in the Lucca factory of the Cucirini Cantoni Coats company and lent to the local firemen's squad. This vehicle has a detachable semi-trailer with extinguisher pumps, a toolchest, first aid kit and stretcher and a siren on the roof of the driver's cabin.

Tech Specs

Engine two-stroke engine

Bore 60 mm

Stroke 60 mm

Displacement 169,65 cc

Suspensions torsion bar on the rear wheels, helicoidal spring and hydraulic shock absorber on the front wheel

Breaks with cable control on the front wheel, hydraulic control on the rear wheel

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