Moped prototype

Moped prototype



The patent for the industrial model of a moped was registered on 30 September 1955 in Milan by Piaggio & C. S.p.A. The frame was formed by two pressed plate monocoques welded together electrically. The rear mudguard was formed by the beam obtained joining the two parts, including the fuel tank, the tools holder and the rear light. Two coil springs covered with rubber form the rear suspension, while the front one is of the “biscottini” type, with pressure springs, a system which will be used twelve years later on the first moped produced by Piaggio, the Ciao (1967). On 30 September 1955 the patent for the central trestle secured to the casting of the engine carter is also registered.

Tech Specs

Engine 2-stroke monocylinder

Displacement 49,5 cc

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